About Me

I'm currently a third year PhD student at UC San Diego. My academic interests lie in security and privacy, specifically in the intersection of measurement and usable security --- I'm also interested in network security and applied cryptography. I am a part of the Sysnet, CryptoSec, and CNS groups here at UC San Diego, as well as Center for Evidence-based Security Research (CESR). I am advised by Geoff Voelker and Stefan Savage.

Prior to UC San Diego, I attended the University of Michigan (Go Blue!), where I received a BSE in Computer Science and Engineering. While I was there, I worked with Alex Halderman and Michael Bailey, where I focused on network security and measurement, mainly via Internet-Wide Scanning.

My CV is located here.

Selected Publications

Web Feature Deprecation: A Case Study for Chrome
Ariana Mirian, Nikunj Bhagat, Caitlin Sadowski, Adrienne Porter Felt, Stefan Savage, Geoffrey M. Voelker
41st International Conference for Software Engineering, Software Engineering in Practice (ICSE SEIP), Montreal, Canada, May 2019

Hack for Hire: Exploring the Emerging Market for Account Hijacking
Ariana Mirian, Joe DeBlasio, Stefan Savage, Geoffrey M. Voelker, Kurt Thomas
The Web Conference, San Francisco, United States, May 2019

Security Challenges in an Increasingly Tangled Web
Deepak Kumar, Zane Ma, Zakir Durumeric, Ariana Mirian, Joshua Mason, J. Alex Halderman, Michael Bailey
26th International World Wide Web Conference, Perth, Australia, April 2017

An Internet-Wide View of ICS Devices
Ariana Mirian, Zane Ma, David Adrian, Matthew Tischer, Thasphon Chuenchujit, Tim Yardley, Robin Berthier, Josh Mason, Zakir Durumeric, J. Alex Halderman, and Michael Bailey
14th Annual Privacy, Security and Trust Conference (PST), Auckland, NZ, December 2016

A Search Engine Backed by Internet Wide Scanning
Zakir Durumeric, David Adrian, Ariana Mirian, Michael Bailey, J. Alex Halderman
22nd ACM Computer and Communications Security (CCS), Denver, CO, October 2015

Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor MITM…An Empirical Analysis of Mail Delivery Security
Zakir Durumeric, David Adrian, Ariana Mirian, James Kasten, Kurt Thomas, Vijay Eranti, Nicolas Lidzborski, Elie Bursztein, Michael Bailey, J. Alex Halderman
15th ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), Tokyo, October 2015
IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize (ANRP)

Industry Experience

Software Engineering Intern on Metrics team, Google Chrome, 2018
Mentor: Nik Bhagat, Caitlin Sadowski, and Adrienne Porter Felt
Examined web feature deprecation process via Chrome, and developed a new set of guidelines and corresponding (internal) tool to better the deprecation process; led to in submission publication.

Software Engineering Intern on Enamel team, Google Chrome Security, 2017
Mentor: Adrienne Porter Felt and Emily Stark
Explored HTTPS adoption hurdles for small (longtail) site owners, which culminated in a publication submission.

Product Manager Intern at RetailMeNot, 2014
Mentors: Jaimee McCord and Sonia Nagar
Successfully led a team of three other interns towards completion of a product (now deprecated) for the company.

Interests outside of Research

Surprisingly, I have some interests outside of research! The picture listed at the top of this page is from when I was in Innsbruck, Austria. I've listed a few other interests below and am always excited to talk to other people who are passionate as well.

  • Avid Reader
  • Coffee Lover
  • Photograher
  • Amateur Stargazer
  • Traveler
  • Hiker


  • amirian@eng.ucsd.edu
  • arianamirian28@gmail.com